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brief Client:
The Institute of Creative Advertising & Design (ICAD) Product:
2011 ICAD Upstarts Exhibition
Key Proposition:
The ICAD Upstarts programme is about fresh talent meeting real briefs and producing refreshing, savvy work. We need to make this year’s Upstarts Exhibition an unmissable event for the top creative people in Ireland’s advertising and design outfits. With no budget to speak of.
brief The concept of this campaign is simple, Creative directors probably aren’t hiring so we need to give them a new reason to attend this event, ‘to steal some fresh ideas’.
I came up with a 3 part campaign that kept the strict budget in mind for each part. starting with a viral teaser that would be sent out to all the agencies in Dublin, followed by an ambient campaign directly targeting the agencies of Dublin and lastly a Direct mailer to sum it all up.

Viral: Storyboard & Script


A man sits uncomfortably on a chair on a basic wooden chair in a bare studio, the studio is lit so you can only see the lower half of his body, in order to keep his identity hidden you an only see the dark outline of his head.
The first few seconds he sits in an awkward silence. He begins to speak in a slow and calm manner, choosing his words wisely,

SUPER: ‘Actors Voice’

Ive been going to the ICAD Upstarts exhibition for 5 years now, originally it was to scope out the new talent, I mean I was genuinely interested in hiring somebody...     originally.
The first time I didn’t even realize I’d done it to be honest. It was only after the work went to print I realized the similarities between my work and hers, I tried to tell myself it was just a coincidence but I think I always knew it couldn’t have been.

All the while constantly shuffling about in his seat.

And you know what... Nobody said it to me, nobody called me up on it, not even when I won the award Now I go back every year, I can’t resist. It’s so much cheaper to just steal their ideas than to hire them ...
Yes I’m ashamed, but that’s not going to stop me from going again this year.

SUPER: Exhibition Logo and Details

Guerrilla Advertising


Hidden Message: Concealed inside each balloon


Direct Mailer: Invitation

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